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Problem with price slider


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I found a bug in the blocklayered module of my template, which is this:


The slider control (used for price and others) in the blocklayered module only works for IE, but not for Chrome or Firefox. I found it was throwing this error:



Uncaught TypeError: Object function (b,c,d){var e=b.split(".")[0],f;b=b.split(".")[1];f=e+"-"+b;if(!d){d=c;c=a.Widget}a.expr[":"][f]=function©{return!!a.data(c,B)};a[e]=a[e]||{};a[e]=function(a,B){if(arguments.length){this._createWidget(a,B)[spam-filter];var g=new c;g.options=a.extend(true,{},g.options);a[e].prototype=a.extend(true,g,{namespace:e,widgetName:b,widgetEventPrefix:a[e].prototype.widgetEventPrefix||b,widgetBaseClass:f},d);a.widget.bridge(b,a[e])} has no method 'extend'



I also found out that this problem is fixed when this script link is commented out from the header:


<script type="text/javascript" src="{$js_dir}jquery.mobile.customized.min.js"></script>


Not sure what this is for, but there is a comment above this line:


<!--[if (gt IE 9)|!(IE)]><!-->


Does this mean it's something related with IE's version? Will my template have problems with IE9? 


I will test it when I can, but my version of IE is 8 at the moment, and I would like to know what problems I could have if I get rid of this script in the header.



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I tried to contact him about a different issue:




But as I mentioned in this other post, I have problems doing so... I will trying again though, but in the meantime if anyone has any ideas... they're welcome.



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