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Stock management / wharehouses management

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Hi all,


I'm using V


I'm working on a multishop: 2 countries: Ireland and France - 1 shop in each country.


I want to operate 2 wharehouses - 1 in each country.


I tried to associate the French wharehouse to the French shop - but for some reason I can not select a specific shop, meaning that my French wharehouse is connected to both the Irish and French shops.


I also tried to modify quantities in each wharehouse - but it looks like it is not working.


Anybody out there running a multishop with 2 whareshouses or more??


Did you / do you come accross the same pbs?



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ok - I've changed this so that Share available quantities to sell is not disabled.


I can now select a specific wharehouse - but when I add quantities to a specific reference to a specific wharehouse, it still doesn't change available quantities for sale.


And also if I add quantities using the Catalogue>Product menu - stocks don't show in the respective wharehouse



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If you are using Advance Stock managment, you do not need to add product quantities in the Product Menu. You only need to add it to the Warehouses.


You can add stock via the Stock>Stock Management>Click on (+) button > Then you can press the Up or Down Arrow>You will then be redirected to a screen where you can input the stock and select a warehouse that holds the stock. 

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