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How to use action hooks?


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I can't figure out how to use action hooks. 

For example In order process I have to get info which carrier is chosen for shipping and then write some extra stuff in database if client finish order process.

How can I do that?

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if i could find something useful with google i would not post this topic in forum :)

I already read all oficial documentation, also about module creation, but there is not anything about action hook usage.

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uhm...google search works great for me


I think the problem is that the links I sent do not point exactly to what you are researching, though you said you have reviewed all the documenation  on module writing it does have a section just for hook processing..




and as I stated earlier on, a good way to learn hooks etc. is to look at modules that come with your ps installation.

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Hooks in PrestaShop 1.5 have a new naming scheme, with a situation-specific prefix:

  • action. These hooks are triggered by specific events that take place in PrestaShop.
  • display. These hooks result in something being displayed, either in the front-end or the back-end.

Implementing hooks section in documentation show example only about display hooks what I learned already, but I want to change some PS functionality with action hooks and i have no idea with what i have to start.

Of course i could look at some other modules, but i need some step by step explanation, because i am newbie at prestashop modules and hooks.

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Hi Kezeno, 


Thanks for the very clear explanation, I am writing my own module, and I casually use the  actionValidateOrder Hook.


I follow your indications, and look other modules code, I even use some code an example because they get the same data that I need, well, i finish mymodule and upload to test it.


When I hit the install button I found this error:


Incapaz de instalar con control manual : Class PaymentModuleOverride does not exist


 "Incapable of install with manual control : Class PaymentModuloOverride does not exist"


I wonder why?

if (!defined('_CAN_LOAD_FILES_'))

class txtstock extends Module
	public function __construct()
		$this->name = 'txtstock';
		$this->tab = 'others';
		$this->version = '0.1';
		$this->author = 'Myself';
		$this->need_instance = 0;


		if ($this->id)

		$this->displayName = $this->l('Venta a un txt');
		$this->description = $this->l('Escribe un txt con la última venta.');
		$this->confirmUninstall = $this->l('Esta seguro que quiere borrar este modulo?');

	public function install() {
    	if(parent::install() == false)
        return false;
		return true;
	public function hookActionValidateOrder($params){


Into the public function there is more code, but I decide to cut it to test it and even without the public function code, I can't install my module.


I use PS



Thanks in advanced for your help.


Best regards

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