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How to make clean 1.5xxx PrestaShop (no modules)


I am learning PS according to Beginners.Guide /J.Horton/ and my first steps with PS 1.4 "simple" instalation work correctly.( simple ~Lite mode: a blank and empty PrestaShop will be installed. It will have no modules, no theme, and no demo products/categories)
I wish to start learning on PS 1.5xxx but there is no choice of "simple" instalation.
My attempt: After uninstaling all modules and add/install Cart module, it is not visible in front office. Trying Currency => there are errors  in layout etc.

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it's because in prestashop 1.5 you can remove all "test" categories, products, customers with prestashop cleaner module:



with this module tou can remove: catalog (products, features, categories, images, prices, attachments, scenes, stocks, attributes etc.)


orders and customers (carts, customers, orders, connections, guests, messages, stats...)

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