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Description in various languages


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hi irrelevant


thanks for your help!


i try to put this config in the file 

'es' => array(
			'site_id' => 186,
			'language' => 'en_EN',
			'currency' => 'EUR',
			'site_name' => 'Spain',
			'site_extension' => 'es',
			'img_stats' => null

but nothing. Don't work. The description don't shows. any idea? :)

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Ah, a bit more digging reveals that that language code is only used in a single call to eBay to define it's error message language.  ...


I /think/ the language used for products is determined by a call to Language::getIdByIso later on in that same file... so it's down to the settings used in Localization->Languages as to which one is called.


You could bodge it by adding a line at the top of getIdLang() (line 118 in my copy) such as 


if (strtolower($this->getIsoCode()) == 'es') return Language::getIdByIso('en');



The more I dig about with this module's code, the less I like it ...

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to enter a description in another language inside the template you have to enter the code and generate a new place holder.
Now the module you must have {DESCRIPTION} generated DESCRIPTION_EN {}, for do this you must find the file generated this When the module and insert the new.


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