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  1. OK, this seems like it will do the job. - https://addons.prestashop.com/en/fast-mass-updates/24131-knowband-product-update-with-scanner.html More than I wanted to pay, obviously, but less than it could have been! Just waiting for an answer to a query with the developer...
  2. I am setting up a new store and am receiving the same error. Is this module simply broken? Edit: ah - looks like you need to go through an approval process by braintree first ... I assumed that since I had a long-standing paypal business account, and logged in using that, it would "just work". Apparently not.
  3. I'm used to 1.6, where I have ASM enabled, and when booking in new stock, I just create a supply order for all the items received. This way I can just copy from the DN the product codes, cost prices and quantities. I'm setting up a new, separate, store, for a new category of product, and chose 1.7.. maybe this was unwise. I can create the products I need via my existing code that creates a CSV based on my supplier's database of /everything/ so that's OK, But adding stock, is looking like it will be difficult.. I can't find a place where I can just key in a product code (or barcode, would be better) and quantity. It looks like with the new stock system, all you can do it search for an individual product (or a range you can filter on), and update the quantities. This is great if you are doing just odd items, but I've got a couple of thousand, at least, to work my way though, and this looks like it will be seriously impractical. My *ideal* scenario would be something kind of like a reverse POS - I just throw each item past the barcode scanner and it adds one to the quantity available for each item. Is there anything around (for free, I'm not making any money yet!) that handles this sort of thing? Or do I get to write it myself, again? Thanks,
  4. irrelevant


    Is there an official github repository for the eBay module that is actually up to date? https://github.com/PrestaShop/ebay is still at v.1.12.3 whereas addons.prestashop has the downloadable package at v.1.15.4. This makes the process of offering patches as detailed in the Readme somewhat difficult! Edit: OK. I found https://github.com/thoma202/ebay/tree/feature/v1_15_4 which appears to be 202's work-in-progress version, but the question still stands: what is the official repository, as a partner module? And if it is Prestashop/ebay, why the heck is it so out of date?
  5. I just hit this same problem. in modules/smartblog/smartblog.php line 1042 change $base = (($ssl && $this->ssl_enable) ? 'https://'.$shop->domain_ssl : 'http://'.$shop->domain); to $base = (($ssl && $shop->ssl_enable) ? 'https://'.$shop->domain_ssl : 'http://'.$shop->domain); i.e. change "$this" to "$shop".. Looks like a typo in the original code....
  6. If there is no record in ps_warehouse, is there actually a warehouse showing in BO Stock>Warehouses ?
  7. You might find some generic utility that will take the XML and output a CSV (Excel insert-data facilities perhaps?) that can be then imported using the standard prestashop functions to create the basics of the products, but having to use an API call to get most of the information means, unless you wish to name your supplier in the hope that somebody else has already done this, then you are almost certainly going to have to write some custom code. You then have the choice of either linking to the Prestashop API, or to output a more comprehensive CSV file which can then be imported. The latter is easier, especially to debug, but is not as useful if you want to run it repeatedly, e.g. to keep things synchronised between your shop and your supplier (e.g. keeping stock levels updated, removing items that are no longer available, etc.)
  8. Have you got access to view the database? Check if there are records in the various ps_warehouse tables.
  9. OK, this patch sort of works. Have noticed other issues with supply orders too, but for the moment I'm at least able to log in stock..
  10. Ditto. First supply order after upgrading to and it doesn't add the stock! Nothing in stock movement file.
  11. Go to Orders > Invoices page in back office. Scroll right down to the bottom, You will see a field named "Invoice number" with the text underneath: "The next invoice will begin with this number, and then increase with each additional invoice. Set to 0 if you want to keep the current number (which is #nnnn)" Put 207 in there and hit save :-D It worked for me .... You could try editing directly the record in ps_confuguration where name = "PS_INVOICE_START_NUMBER"
  12. This is the code I use for the image URL - CONCAT("http://", su.domain, su.physical_uri , IF(pai.id_image IS NOT NULL,pai.id_image,im.id_image), "/", REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(pl.name," ","_"),"\"",""),"#",""), ".jpg") as "Image URL", Relevant tables are LEFT JOIN ps_shop sh ON p.id_shop_default = sh.id_shop LEFT JOIN ps_shop_url su ON su.id_shop = sh.id_shop AND su.main = 1 LEFT JOIN ps_image im ON (p.id_product = im.id_product AND im.cover = 1) LEFT JOIN ps_product_attribute_image pai ON (pai.id_product_attribute = s.id_product_attribute)
  13. If you view the order in back office, in the shipping box you will see an "Edit" button alongside the carrier name. This allows you to enter the tracking number, and doing so will send a "Package in transit" email to the customer with that number. Notes can be entered similarly in the "Messages" section; the "display to customer" option will email it to the customer too.
  14. Localization > Translations. Select English, and click Modify. Use ctrl-F (find) to locate all references to Tax.
  15. I think there is a clue here in all the Constant Already Defined errors... defines_uri has the location where, e.g., the css files are held, which is usually set to _THEME_DIR_.'css/' .... it is saying this has already been set somewhere else, presumably to css.ordomcm.com/... There's not much that gets included before that, so check config/defines.inc.php and config/autoload.php initially to see if there is anything different to the stock files, particularly anything relating to THEME_.....
  16. Hmm. try without any image sizes, so to let the theme do it itself? (Which is default I think..)
  17. Edit one of the products in Back Office, and select the Associations Tab, What is the default category set to? It sounds like your products have been listed in more than one category - the correct one, plus Home - and that Home is set as the Default Category on the product. I don't have issues with CSV and categories on products, so it may be an issue with the formatting of your file - can you check the relevant line from a csv to see what exactly is in that field?
  18. The simple option, with no modifications needed, is to do it as a product attribute ("combinations" tab in the back office product editor) - e.g.. there are two sizes, "free sample" and "full product" .. The (prospective) customer then picks which they want to order. There is also this module but I do not know if it is up to date for the current version of PS.
  19. Prestrashop uses "tcpdf" to convert from html to pdf - this only has limited CSS capabilities. See e.g. here for a list.
  20. Prestashop uses smarty templates and is theme base too - there is no simple html file for the pages. You should be able to find the relevant template files within ./themes/<theme-name>/ Depending what you want to achieve, it really should be easy to implement a module that hooks into the relevant front office sections - there are plenty of opportunities provided - and that way you are immune from updates trashing things too...
  21. Although no longer a full-time developer, this is something I have experience in, having done similar for the stores I manage. Are you able to provide some example entries from the source files? My email is (remove spaces) ro bert @ irre levan t.c om
  22. Hmm.... Looking at the code, I can see where the "score" for the priority is calculated, but it places this at a lower level in the ordering than the id of the price rule - $query .= ' ORDER BY `id_product_attribute` DESC, `from_quantity` DESC, `id_specific_price_rule` ASC, `score` DESC'; This is only a guess, I hasten to add, but you could try swapping those over, i.e. change it to $query .= ' ORDER BY `id_product_attribute` DESC, `from_quantity` DESC, `score` DESC, `id_specific_price_rule` ASC'; This is ~line 235 of classes/SpecificPrice.php Make a backup first. And put the priority back where it was before. And if it works, report this as a bug on forge! :-D
  23. At a quick glance, you should just be able to change <div id="idTab1">{$product->description}</div> to <div id="idTab1" itemprop="description">{$product->description}</div>
  24. Whereabouts in the footer.tpl did you put it? There are a lot of conditional blocks in there - Have you done a view-source on the page to check if the code is actually being included? I also see they have a hidden-tracker option which would presumably not be visible to normal browsing; did you use that?
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