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Web design and PC/Laptop repair shop


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The site functions in a trouble-free manner, but I do have a few observations.


Looking at the logo, is your company called Complete Web Solutions?  Or ShunnO?


The top horizontal menu is a bit of a mixture - two links relating to payment, two relating to support and some but not all of your products/services. Are those the key things in your shop that you want customers to be able to navigate to?


The HOW TO PAY guide consists of a number of screenshots which can't be enlarged, and are pretty much unreadable.


On the Web Design product pages, there is an image with the wording "Are you Web Smart?".  It looks like Web Smart might be a product or service of some sort, I'm not sure, but it doesn't sit well in the 'More Info' section. I'm also not sure what purpose the image in the left column that says "Personal" serves - it just links back to the home page.


The web hosting packages need some further explanation. E.g. the Starter Web Hosting is priced at "£23.99 per 1" - per 1 what?


The footer contains 3 addresses under 'Contact Us'. Unless those addresses support different functions (which would need to be explained), it would be better to have one. 


I think this is just your first attempt at getting a feel for how Prestashop works. As yours is a web design company, I'm expecting great things in future iterations. :)


HTH, Dave

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