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Modify the search result page


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Hello. Is it possible to modify the search result page when alias is set for adding a text for the misspelled word ?



Alias set: ipdo -> Ipod


search for ipdo

Search page result:


No product found for ipdo.

Did you mean ipod ?



and here the results for ipod


I think that the file is search.php and /themes/theme/search.tpl


How to modify them ?



Thanks !!

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As it works now (or should work at least) is that before the search is done, Prestashop checks if there's any word in the search string that is added to the alias list. if there is a word that is mentioned in the alias list, it changes it first.


So if you search for 'ipdo', it already changes the search string to 'ipod' BEFORE it searches. This way, you will never have the situation that you describe, as it changed already to the 'do you mean' word...


My 2 cents,


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