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[SOLVED] How do I display an accessories combinations and allow a quantity to be chosen?


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OK. This gets weirder. Yes, I have got combinations defined for products.


I thought that this may be a problem with the theme I was using so I set-up a test site using the out-of-the-box theme.


So first I added the earphones as an accessory to the ipod shuffle. The product displayed correctly but there was no option to alter the quantity post-457881-0-07729000-1375951646_thumb.png


I then added a colour combination to the earphones ... and the earphones did not display at all. There is a tab for 'Accessories' but no accessories are shown post-457881-0-74150400-1375951646_thumb.png


Looking at the code you can see that there are unordered list tags but nothing within it post-457881-0-08126300-1375951647_thumb.png

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Hi - you can close this topic. I can see that out-of-the-box Prestashop is not versatile enough to do this (which I find quite unbelievable to be honest).


For anyone reading this there is a module here that allows the addition of attributes/combinations to an accessory http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/attribute-modules/59-product-list-attributes.html and a solution here for adding quantities selection http://mypresta.eu/en/art/developer/prestashop-quantity-field-featured-products-module.html

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