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Back office forms translation


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Hi, I created simple module by this guide: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Creating+a+PrestaShop+module ...Everything works fine, I just dont know how to translate text which you write in form in back office. I would like to create something like "switching languages by flag" which you can see for example while adding a new product. I attached a php file, but its just copied code from prestashop doc. Thanks for your help.


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in this case you have to do foreach loop on Language::getLanguages(true) function

with this funciton you will be able to create INPUT elements for each language (with own id based on $language['id_lang'] and with display:none; style)


right after the foreach loop add function $this->displayFlags();



you can check how the editorial module works, there is a nice examle of code that i described above

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