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European VAT number

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I would like my customers to be able to insert their VAT number at the Address Fields but i dont want that to be a required field. Can you help?


I go to Localization > Countries > Edit, and there i try to edit the Address format by adding new fields but nothing seems to happen. If i add the "Address:vat_number" but dont check the option "Do you need a tax identification number?" it doesnt show up at the front office. Moreover not a single new field appears when i add it to the list but from the default fields if i remove one like "address2" it dissapears from the address registration form. The only additional field i managed to add is states if i edit the states country(Alabamas country is Greece). So it kind of works but not as is supposed to?


Also when i go to Customers > Addresses my new added fields dont appear at "Set required fields for this section." Moreover whεn i add there the vat as a required field when a client inputs his address the vat number field doesnt appear but there a message that says vat number is required (but there is no field!!!!!)


It would be so awesome if i could really add any of the fields that appear at Localization > Countries > Edit to the front office. Really really awesome and helpfull.


Thank you

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