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  1. Hello I am struggling a lot with my website performance. I have my PS 1.6 in a jelastic solution with one apache server with up to 64 Cloudets (8Gb Ram / 12.8Ghz) and 2 SQL Servers with the same configuration (master - Slave) when analisyng resource consumptions it rarely above 30% but I am unable to get a good performance, my website is very slow entering categories, searching products or filtering products. If i enable cache, with also with one dedicated node with 64 Cloudets it is much worst. Recently i've upgraded to PHP 5.5 and enablet opcache, nothing much added. Does anyone has a good experience on increased performance with any solution?
  2. We solve the search removing the "weighs" of the fields. The search for samsung that braked the page now takes 3 seconds.
  3. After moving to a jelastic i have the ability to check resourse usage better and i found out that when making a search in the quick search toolbar i have a huge spike on CPU load. First spike before 17.50 was 2 persons searching for "samsung" the one near 18 was 3 persons searching for several brands we have It's way above average. I am no expert, but this can't be normal... right?
  4. Í think it is solved Moved the site to a new hosting provider and that was it.... www.amen.pt never again!
  5. I have 3823 total, 1688 free Disk capacity is 40Gb, about 9gb used The mysqladmin -u root -p status command asks for a password, but the root password does not work last one applied, no changes.. We've also changed the SQL of the search module, reducing server load from 30 to 3, but the website is still very slow DH45 does not answer my contacts, is there any other knowed professional to do this?
  6. I have a VPS with root access. i just add 2 diferent persons looking at server configurations, last changes made today. Tomorrow we will see the efects
  7. I've hired a person, since DH42 was unable yet to answer. Do you do it? that person was able to identify a broken table so that is fixed and the sql errors do not occur any more. He also configured the server (apache, nginx, etc) Free memory is: total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 3823 1664 2158 56 125 221 -/+ buffers/cache: 1318 2505 Swap: 1023 309 714 status it asks for a password? And made that command. We are now trying to move everything to a new provider to test it if it has something to do with that.
  8. What you mean? you want me to disable all products? If i do that on business hours someone will fire me if i do it outside business hours the traffic is very low. I am a B2B. i've sent you a PM
  9. well it worked for a few days but is getting worst and worst. it is like taking a pill but then having a fall back and worse. I keep to have it down, with slow times and having this error now all the time: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) Any clues?
  10. Indeed... To check if it was a cache issue i was adviced to try out cloudflare and it seemed to work...
  11. Hello I've being with very difficult days but today i was able to apply that bug fix, no difference. I Hava US cpu always near 100%, althoug the SY is only 5% I've disabled several modules one at a time to see if it makes any diference, also no with no difference.. I have the 1 first byte for opening a page very high, around 12 seconds I think i am missing the way to see the why this is taking so long
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