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[solved] Migrate from localhost to server


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I have another problem, when i designed my prestashop i was hosting it on my computer on a no-ip domain.The photos i uploaded on my website to put in the long description of a product have the no-ip domain but now i am hosting it at a provider and the domain is www.aditurbo.com , but the photos still have the link with the no-ip.org domain and they don't work.


Every product has 1-2 different photos on their description, how can i change the link of every photo automaticly?


If you don't understand my question please tell me and i will upload some screenshots for you to see.


Website: www.aditurbo.com

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hello, when you used wysiwyg editor in the descriptions you used paths to images with http:// ?

if so you should edit them one by one... :|


you can also change them automatically with sql queries, but in this case you have to be familiar with sql & php

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Ok finally ive done it...

This is how to change image url from description after youmove to a new domain


You need to go into phpmyadmin select the database and run this quary


UPDATE ps_product_lang SET description =REPLACE(description,"oldurl","newurl");

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