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Adding extra choices to carrier page


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I try to add some extra options to order->carrier page, but it's pretty hard to find where exactly SQL insert is being executed. So I have <option> list on carrier page but now I need to post this value somehow to SQL table ps_carrier_extra. Any ideas?

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Hi tanel,


Normally the definition of the carrier and it's SQL 'translation' is done in the object class file itself, so I suggest to have a look in classes/Carrier.php


Probably can adjust the definition array here to add the attributes you want to add to the carrier and then rewrite the (quite some) SQL queries for all the database related functions that come with the object class (probably functions like add, delete, update, getpriceforWeight getDeliverableCountries etc. etc. etc.)


Give it a try,


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Thanks for you reply. Probably expressed myself wrong. I would like to simply enter order id and form value (form is on carrier page) to table (only includes: id, extra). I checked carrier file but guess I should look for a place where orders are going to be submitted to SQL?


Found thread: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/84550-solved-where-is-the-insert-into-statement/

It's a bit similar to what I want to do, but at the moment code lines aren't same any more.

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