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Shipping - Products with Price Range and Flat Rate - Stumped!


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Hi There-


Here's my scenario:


I have all of my clothing products set to ship based on Price Range. For example:


$1.00 to 55.99 = $5.80 shipping (USPS Flat Rate)

$56.00 to 105.99= $11.60 shipping (USPS Flat Rate)


My Dilema:


The price range shipping works, but I will also now be selling shoes. Shoes require a larger flat rate shipping box. I attempted to create a new shipping range and assign it directly to the shoes, therefore I would have a specific price range for shipping the shoes. In theory, if I assign a specific range to a certain product, shouldn't it use that range for the specific product and if additional products are added to the cart, it will add these two shipping prices together?


For example, I created a Carrier specifically for shipping shoes. I created a price range for this carrier (0.00 to $75). I set the shipping cost to $8.00. If I add a pair of shoes to the cart and also add a t-shirt ($16.99), I'd like it to calculate the shipping for the shoes plus the shipping for the shirt given the price range ( $8.00 for shoes and $5.80 for shirt = 14.80). It doesn't work that way....my shipping in my cart only comes us as $8.00.


Any suggestions?

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Hi ct,

Not sure if it helps in this case as well, but did you try turning on multishipping in Preferences->orders? I ca imaging that the order needs to be split in two to ship with two separate carriers. Give that a try and please tellus the result.


Another thing with your shipping rates:

the upper value of your steps are, as you can only read when you have eyes of an eagle EXCLUSIVE. This means the upper value itself is not part of that step!

small example : to implement this:

1-100 $ 2$

100.01-200 $ 3$

200.01-500 $ 4$


you have to use these steps:

0.001 - 100.01 $ 2$ (1 cent further than 100$ ! 100.01 $ NOT included, so up UNTIL 100.00)

100.01 - 200.01 $ 3$ (start value of step 2 SAME as END step of step 1. Here start step is INcluded, so starts at 100.01 $)

200.01 - 500.01 $ 4$ (etc. etc.)


So in your case:

$1.00 to 56.00 = $5.80 shipping (USPS Flat Rate) (gives from 1.00 up until 59.99, as 56.00 itself is EXcluded

$56.00 to 106.00= $11.60 shipping (USPS Flat Rate) (=up UNTIL 105.99 INclusive)


(In your case 59.99 was 'not defined' (a tiny gap in the range) and would have given free shipping :-) )

Hope this helps,


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edited values a little to make the example correct (see edit history)
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