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[Solved]TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form. When modify authentication.tpl


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Hello, i have that error when change on overrider\AuthController.php -> authentication.tpl -> line :: 104


if i put rol_user: $("#country_id").val(), prestashop show that error but if i change for $("#country_id").text() , all works well...


TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form.



Error throw: [object Object]

Text status: parsererror


Don't know why .. and prestashop don't say nothing about that..


thanks in advance

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phew... finally works.


The problem was ... i install this using module whit overriders and hooks, but can't if i add value of form to session on hookdisplayCustomerAccountForm , prestashop crash :/ don't know why but i solve this adding session on other hook

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