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Customization - integration with company billing system and same database for several sites


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I have a project for a client of mine who already has a prestashop working.


He now wants to do two different things:


1. Integrate the shop database with his company billing system in order to have a real-time communicating system, regarding stocks, purchases and invoices.

2. Create several websites with the same products but with different domains and have them communicating with the same database. There would be only one database and every purchase from every site would be communicated to it. But each site would have different prices for the same products.


My question is if there is already anything built that can do what my client is requesting. If not, is it possible? I have a partner responsible for the programming area and he's telling me this could cost me around 6000 €...


Thanks in advance for your help!




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Hi vekia,


Yes, it's a custom made billing software. I can get more information about it with my client in a couple of hours.


Regarding the second question, is there a relatively easy way to integrate all the shops with the same database? In terms of the main database, that comes from the billing system, it's fully customisable as I mentioned above, we can add as many fields for prices (that is what changes between shops) as we want.


Thanks once again!

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Great! Thanks for the information. However, from what I understood, I can set a multistore, having different urls for the several shops but there's only one administration right?


About the billing system, it's done by a company and the source files don't come with any documentation, so I can't really tell you many details because I don't know... I know it's difficult to analyze it this way but is there any solution for this kind of integration of it would need to be made from scratch? Because if there's a solution for cases like this, I can give it a look and try to understand if any integration can be done.

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thanks for information that you found what you were looking for. may i ask you for send me PM with url to the company / offer ?


and regarding to the multistore:

yes, you can use different domains, and you will get one administration page.

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