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[solved] Image slider for homepage on displaytop


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of course, you can do it in many ways.

  1. go to the modules -> positions
    search for "display top" section, and click on edit button near the homepage slider module
    you will see form with position specification, add exceptions - you have to add all pages there except homepage (index)
  2. second way to modify is a editing module code (template file only) are you ready for it?

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Hi Vekia


Thank you, I would prefer to edit the code, so let do that, though note I am still quite a noob! :)


okay, so let the show begin;)


go to the:

modules/homeslider//homeslider.tpl file (remember that this file may exists in the theme/modules//homeslider/ directory - if so - you have to edit this file)


at the beginning of the file insert this:

{if $page_name == 'index'}

At the end of the file put this:




and that's all :P

poor show :P

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  • 5 months later...

you can also achieve this with exceptions (proper way!) in modules > positions tab

near the homeslider module click edit button and define exceptions :) you can for example disable modules on all pages, and just enable it on "index" (homepage) only

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