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list of actives products


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About the products list :

I have 9 pages of non actives products . (many products )

When i check for only actives, i have 2 pages of 300.

But i can't see the second page because it resets automatically with all products (actives or not)

How is it possible to see the next pages of actives products only ?



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Hi Mikkal,

what PS version do you use?


N.B. Is there another column that you can sort on, like amount of stock or so? (Not sure if your deactivated products are out of stock or not). Just an idea...


Let us know your version,


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I tried all differents ways but there is no way to put some intervals (name, id ..) and after any registration of an modification of a product on the 8th page, it returns directly to the first!



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Just as a quick fix, shall we just add a new item "900" to the amount of items on one page?

edit /classes/admintab.php

and add ,900 to the list of choices:



/** @var array Number of results in list per page (used in select field) */

protected $_pagination = array(20, 50, 100, 300, 900);


I know, not elegant, but might work for you?


Let me know if this is acceptable...


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