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Where is $HOOK_TOP being built?


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HOOK_TOP is filled with data in FrontController, which the rest use as parent..

Line: ~442
public function initContent()
	'HOOK_TOP' => Hook::exec('displayTop'),


Though, you don't really need to make core file modification just to run that new hook.

You can just as well run it once in your module's header hook...


Example (about making new CMS-page-after-content hook):


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1. create new hooks

2. modify modules, you need to add function which will handle your hook (and registerhook in install function)

3. transplant modules to your new hooks (modules -> positions -> transplant hook)

4. remove modules from hook_top (modules -> positions)

5. add {$HOOK_YOUR_HOOK} into template files (for example header.tpl)

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