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I need someone to do a little tweak on my presetashop template


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How it works normally:-

1) When you click on add to cart, there's a little jquery animation that adds product to cart then you can checkout.

2)when you click on checkout, it sends you to the checkout page.


I've purchased a customized quote addon which displays a "request a quote" button bellow the add to cart button.

How I want it to work:-

1) All products on the site should have "request a quote" button below it in place of the "add to cart" button. That means removing all "add to cart" buttons on the site so user see only "request a quote" button

2)when you click on "request a quote" button, the product will be added to the checkout box with the same animation feature.

2) When you click on checkout, I want the request a bid form by devispero to be shown. I've purchased the devispero "request a quote" module so it's a matter of just calling it using php or something.


I'll PM the link to my site so you understand well how the animation works. Too bad I contacted the makers of the addon but it's taken them forever to reply :( .. I know this is nothing difficult but I'm not a prestashop [spam-filter] and I've a lot of responsibilities to do. :( I can still manage some money if you want money for your services although exchange rate here is soo high.

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