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  1. For Ubuntu: Install gd library based on the php version you are running. I was running php version 5.6 The following commands worked for me: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install php5.6-gd sudo service apache2 restart
  2. What does your site score on pingdomtools (https://tools.pingdom.com) and on gtmetrix (gtmetrix.com). Check and share the scores or action some of the high priority recommendations
  3. Is the main problem the website being slow or you dont want customers to be able to edit url parameters. If the website is slow - there are optimisation measures you could take to make it faster even if users type parameters directly on the address bar. However if you need to change such that the parameters cant be seen on the address bar and therefore uneditable - It might mean changing the way the parameters are passed to prestashops core from get to something like post. - but this if the issue is speed wont be worth the effort
  4. You might have made changes you are unaware on on product.tpl file in your default theme. You might try replacing the file with the original one - if the current one has changed. Thank you.
  5. Not getting conversions

    I tested your site on gtmetrix.com for speed and also on seositecheckup tools for organic search visibility. There are improvements you can make both on speed and also SEO. Your site loads in 6.5 seconds average. A good average is 4 or at least not more than 5 seconds. For SEO, your score is 68 - You can work on the recommendations offered by this tool and improve your organic search. When looking for online conversions chances are potential buyers are looking for your products online - if you can show up organically when they search for the product that would boost conversions. Attached are a screen shot of the reports - you can get the complete report by running the test on their site.
  6. [solved]My store is slow, please take a look

    Same here. Kenya
  7. Pagination search ERROR

    Could be not all products have been indexed for search in your Back office
  8. Search results show more products and blank pages

    Can you share a link to your store if its hosted online. Also something to check would be the search weights in the back office your search module is using to search for the products. - If your definition of the weights is general - then more products will appear for the search terms.
  9. csv import geeft unexpected token <

    Had hetzelfde probleem - wat werkte voor mij was in de admin map / invoer verwijderen van alle voorgaande csv -bestanden. (Had the same issue - what worked for me was deleting all previous csv files in the admin folder / imports.)
  10. Thanks a lot for sharing. it works !
  11. What has happened is that module position in the hooks have been affected. When you uninstall or reset a module. On installing it back it takes the last position in the hook. I would advise you begin here and it will be fine.
  12. Could you post the url to your site or an attachment of how it looks like ? How big is the image you are using. I guess you will have to add a line or two of css code in global.css file for the repeat x or repeat y attribute depending on the size of the logo in question.
  13. It could be possible the module is not hooked to the left column of the confirmation page.