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Language order in1.5


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Hi Gepardik,


IF, (and only if) your language names are indeed Czechish, English, German (and only these three) AND you want this order, you're lucky.


They are alphabetically ordered and you can do this:

Edit file classes/Language.php and find the function loadLanguages. Then add the ORDER BY l.name to the SQL statement. This orders the records my the name column, giving it an alphabetical order.



public static function loadLanguages()


self::$_LANGUAGES = array();


$sql = 'SELECT l.*, ls.`id_shop`

FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'lang` l

LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'lang_shop` ls ON (l.id_lang = ls.id_lang) ORDER BY l.name';


Hope this helps,


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N.B. for those who don't have an alphabetically ordered list, you can 'make it like that' by editing the names of the languages and change them into:


"English (English)" --> "2 English (English)"


"Dutch" --> "1 Dutch"


"Polish" --> "3 Polish"


and then add the ORDER BY l.name, as described above...


Just an idea...


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