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Stock Control Scanner Module ?


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Hi friends, all good ?


Im just having some toughts and wanted to know if theres a solution like a Stock Scanner Control module ?


For example i have a local store and online store and i wanted to merge theyre stock...


So maybe some barcodes on the clothes identification tags and a cellphone so when the seller in my Local store makes a sell of a clothe of size S it deducts from the online shop stock also ?????


Is this possible ? it would be great for me and i bet for many ppl....


Only problem im thinking is if i only have one Dress size M and someone purchases it online while someone is purchasing the same item in local store! hummmmm this would be bad....


But with the scanner stock control it could be used with a filter so that i only advertise items with many attributes quantity in stock so i dont have the problem above ? =]]]


Thanks allot!

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Well, I do not know the module + software for that. But of course there is the possibility of creating such software. This, however, is not so simple.


This of course is not only a module, but the software to your desktop (It all depends on what software you are using the cash register) + software for prestashop. Implementation of this software is not cheap, believe me - it's very complicated.


you can ask here: http://www.prestasho...ffers-services/

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