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Transfering all products from a prestashop to another


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since I have this huge problem:



I installed a new prestashop

in this new one, the carriers/shipping works!


Now I would like to transfer all products, attributes, features and settings of products

avoiding phpmyadmin/sql because that does not seem to work


also, I do get a lot of error messages when I try importing CSVs.

it does not work


Can somebody help me ? Or could somebody do the transfer for me ?


Please contact me, also paid it's ok. it's very urgent.

I am getting crazy because nothing seem to work like it should

this shipping problem on first shop is impossible to solve so we have to go this way

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hi i had the same problems


here are a few tips that may help

  • dont try to import too many products at once no more than 150 at a time
  • dont import photos, meta data, mets description at the same time make a new csv file and add later
  • if you have field with no data make sure you click from the drop down that there is nothing to add. i cant remember the exact bit but its the top one of the drop down
  • always skip 1 row
  • try 10 or so the first time, photo is the big one add later

failing all this advertise on elance or people per hour offer a tenner to get some help you will get plenty of offers

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