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Shipping costs & carrier not working


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unfortunately I dont get carriers and shipping to work

I dont understand why


on the website it always says "free shipping"

but i did not select free shipping


what I did (example):

carrier DPD for germany

zone germany

country > germany selected zone germany


under shipping costs i entered the cost

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i disabled one page checkout and now it's possible to select carriers, but there still appears "free shipping"

above the carriers


I've been reading this forum for hours.. trying to solve the problem.. Does ANYONE have an answer???

A lot of people have problem with "free shipping" showing up... I've been scanning my settings the whole day.. cleaning up my MySQL.. Read TONS of topics about this.. nothing helps.. I deleted the "estimate shipping" module... It just wont work correctly when have a specific country as a specific zone. I have my own country as a separate zone (with no states) with a specific carries. That works though, but when you chose another country it cant find that correct price table..


And sometimes Free shipping just appears for no reason..


Im reading the bible now for a last chance to find a solution.

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disable advanced stock management !


did you make any change to the zones?


The most annoying thing is that my setup is sooo easy and not complicated at all, really basic.

1. shipping withing my country ->Price table

2. Shipping outside my country ->Price table

It bugs out in different ways all the time.. impossible to understand what goes wrong.


... I wonder how they could developed this so bad without noticing this bugs.. Beyond my understanding.

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it was so bad some years ago I thought it's better now but it's sooooo full of bugs it's a really shit thing though I want it for all languages

but actually I think maybe it was better to use woocommerce.

but after I spent all those days working on presta I want it to work finally :)

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