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  1. You have to set the order to "Payment accepted".. check that first and see what happens. I know I had the same problem but fixed it very easy.. cant remember exactly how though
  2. Tried all this.. didnt change anything.. although.. Im using instant check out.
  3. For everyone having this problem.. I found a solution.. not the most professional but it works. My shop is weight based for carriers. Virtual products have weight="0" I assume .. I created a carrier to handle the weight 0 - 0.49 (0.5 is my lowest weight on a product). I named the new carrier Free shipping. Still.. shipping shouldnt even be on the map when only chosing virtual products. a lot of bugs regarding virtual products. Been working with prestashop non-stop 18 hours a day.. If I could turn back time I wouldnt chose prestashop again.
  4. Have been looking in forums all day... trying to understand why prestashop STILL asks for delivery address when I only have virtual products in cart. If I put ONE physical product in cart it all works just fine. I've seen bug reports about this in earlier versions and it should been fixed. but apperently not. Anybody else have this issue?!?! Please let me know if it works for you or not.. Need to know if its just me Best regards Nomy
  5. Good question... I've been searching all day for a solution to make the virtual products to ignore delivery address.. Let me know if you find a solution. /Patrick
  6. Write in "short desc" that they should read the in the description how they download it. This is my text. Where to download after payment: .Login or click on your name up by the CART icon. Click on "History and details of my orders". You will be able to download the product two times. Paypal - The download will be available directly here on this site when you payed* Bank wire - After you made the money I will have to change your status to "Payed". You will get a mail when its done. HOWEVER... is it only ME that still having problem getting virtual products not to check for a delivery address... I get error. PLEASE let me know if it works for you OR if it doesnt. Thanks!
  7. Hey man... You can chose your template for all statuses here. I dont know how it works if you have both downloadable products and regular products in the order. How will it send both mails? Although.. do you have a problem when only having downloadable products in cart that it still want a delivery address?? I dont know how to fix it. Using Orders Statuses d
  8. If I only order virtual products... the system STILL wants a delivery address.. you CAN continue but it shows you a error message.. not good.
  9. Hey man! Everything works fine for me except when creating an account... "My address" is created but now "Shippind address".. then prestashop cant find any carrier because they dont have any Shipping address.. just "my adress".
  10. Yeah this is really REALLY bad with Paypal.. you cant directly see where to pay with cards... did you find a solution??
  11. The most annoying thing is that my setup is sooo easy and not complicated at all, really basic. 1. shipping withing my country ->Price table 2. Shipping outside my country ->Price table It bugs out in different ways all the time.. impossible to understand what goes wrong. ... I wonder how they could developed this so bad without noticing this bugs.. Beyond my understanding.
  12. Adv. stock mng. was never enabled.. checked this already. I created a "sweden" zone to point sweden to.
  13. But if it excludes the "TO" part it will Include it in the FROM part in the range below.. deleting 0.001 would be the same result.. no?
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