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I'm a french IT student. Actually I'm doing an internship.

I'm a beginner in Prestashop :wacko: (using version 1.4)

I want to add a jquery module between titles and text content.

My problem is : I want to put the slide between the titlle and the text

we are using an editor module (editor) and we have a slide (slideric)


We have that : http://www.lestablesdefranck.fr/accueil_old.png

and we want that : http://www.lestablesdefranck.fr/accueil_new.png


Thanks to prestashop users to help me and give me a solution. ;)

I'm trying to solve this problem since 2 days. :(

And sorry for my english :unsure:

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Hi Sharmi,

Is both the MAGAZIN...... text and the Venez essayer... text added to the text field of the the 'Home Text editor' module? Or in separate fields of different modules?


If all the text is in Home Text module, try to find a module that allows to add some free HTML text to the centre column, and add the MAGAZIN text in this module. The Venez essayer... text can be in the Home tet editor module.

Then reorder the three modules (1) free text, 2) slider, 3) Home text editor) in te modules->positions screen.

You can find a free text module here, but not sure if you can add it to the centre column, or only to a side column. Give it a try:





If the texts are in two different modules already, the let us know what text is in what module. Then we can play with it...


Hope this helps,


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Hi Pascal,

Thank you for your help ^^

But I tried the free block module and I can't add it to the center column :unsure:

There is a hookLeftColumn($params) function:



public function hookLeftColumn($params)


global $cookie, $smarty;

$freeblock = $this->getFreeblock($cookie->id_lang);



'title' => $freeblock['title'],

'freeblock_content' => $freeblock['content']


if (!$freeblock)

return false;

return $this->display(__FILE__, 'freeblock.tpl');


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