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How to make the newsletter check box automatically checked during checkout?


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(if you use, its in the file /themes/<your theme folder>/order-opc-new-account.tpl


Around line 172 you find:



<p class="checkbox">

<input type="checkbox" name="newsletter" id="newsletter" value="1" {if isset($guestInformations) && $guestInformations.newsletter}checked="checked"{/if} />

<label for="newsletter">{l s='Sign up for our newsletter'}</label>


<p class="checkbox" >

<input type="checkbox"name="optin" id="optin" value="1" {if isset($guestInformations) && $guestInformations.optin}checked="checked"{/if} />

<label for="optin">{l s='Receive special offers from our partners'}</label>




Take out the red {if...} lines.


Hope that helps,


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