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canada post presto changeo module

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Bonjour, j'ai acheté le module presto changeo pour poste canada..


Je me demandais quel est le service sur le site de poste canada que je dois m inscrire ? Avez-vous le liens car je trouve le site de poste canada un peu trop vaste et déroutant.


Merci, D.

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Hi Cedric,


I just installed this module and also made an account in the link you pointed out. Once I installed the module it gave me some errors.


"An error occured while trying to validate your account (click here to see full report)"


In the report it says "[Error #E002] AAA Authentication Failure"


I have assured the username, password, customer number and postal code are correct.



The other error reads:


The Module doesn't recognize your weight unit, please use lb, kg, oz or g.


Any ideas what might be wrong?

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OK so I noticed that under the localization settings the "local units" were in uppercase as in KG and CM. Once I changed them to lowercase that error was gone from the Canada post module. Will my having changed these affect anything negatively in Prestashop?

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