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  1. Prestashop Top horizontal menu v2.2.2 Jaro Theme Hello guys, How can I reduce the space between menu items to look more like the second screenshot?
  2. Bonjour tout, Excusez mon Français Google Translate Je me prépare à lancer mon premier magasin de prestashop et je l'ai été aussi loin que de faire le module usa paypal fonctionne correctement , je l'ai utilisé le module paypal tester avec $ 1 opérations qui sont visibles dans prestashop comme paiements acceptés . ( Pour une raison quelconque la dernière transaction est toujours en attente de paiement paypal ) Je l'ai mis en place deux modules GA et ils fonctionnent parfaitement , je me suis un peu d'aide ici ( vous les gars sont super! ) Mes questions: 1. Pourquoi je ne vois pas les conversions en GA ? ( s'il vous plaît voir la configuration de mon but dans la photo ) Je l'ai poussé sur le bouton pour voir si il ya eu des conversions dans les 7 derniers jours . Je me suis 0,00 % 2. Si je suis en mode maintenance sera GA toujours être en mesure de suivre mes tests de paiements ? Merci --------------------------------- Bonjour all, I'm preparing to launch my first prestashop store and I've gotten as far as making the paypal usa module to work correctly, I've used the paypal module to test with $1 transactions which are visible in prestashop as accepted payments. ( for some reason the last transaction is still awaiting paypal payment ) I have set up both GA modules and they're working perfectly, I got some help here (you guys are great!) MY QUESTIONS: 1. Why do I not see any conversions in GA? (please see my goal setup in the picture) I have pushed the button to see if there has been any conversions in the past 7 days. I got 0.00% 2. If I'm in maintenance mode will GA still be able to track my test payments? Merci
  3. OK so I noticed that under the localization settings the "local units" were in uppercase as in KG and CM. Once I changed them to lowercase that error was gone from the Canada post module. Will my having changed these affect anything negatively in Prestashop?
  4. Hi Cedric, I just installed this module and also made an account in the link you pointed out. Once I installed the module it gave me some errors. "An error occured while trying to validate your account (click here to see full report)" In the report it says "[Error #E002] AAA Authentication Failure" I have assured the username, password, customer number and postal code are correct. The other error reads: The Module doesn't recognize your weight unit, please use lb, kg, oz or g. Any ideas what might be wrong?
  5. I have only 2 tax rules. which I've shown yin the second and third images. The first one is the one that came standard with the Canada localization pack and the second one has the country and provinces in it. Yes. I activated the other GA module as well.
  6. Oh and cedricfontaine while I've got your attention, I've jumped through some hoops and got the 2 GA modules set up with 2 green lights on the OAuth 2.0, is there anything I need to do to Google Analytics? I followed the following instructions: First set up a Goal called "Order Process" Goal type: URL destination Match type: Regular Expression match Goal URL: /order-confirmation\.php (assuming the Prestashop installation is in the root of your domain, if not, i.e. say if it is in a folder called shop then goal URL would be /shop/order-confirmation\.php) Then add 6 funnel steps and for the URL and Name enter: Step 1 /product.php Product page Step 2 /order/step0.html Cart view Step 3 /authentication.php Authentication Step 4 /order/step1.html Address Step 5 /order/step2.html Shipping Step 6 /order/step3.html Payment (again these URLs assume your installation is in the root of the domain, if not change paths accordingly). Make sure Step 1 "Required URL" is not checked. You can also name the steps whatever you want Are these right? and is there anything else that I need to use the Prestashop modules to their full potential in GA?
  7. Thanks for the response cedricfontaine, Yes I did apply it. it had the effect of 0% tax added.
  8. Hi Prestashop experts! I'm trying to figure this one out but need some help. I'm selling a book, among other items. I want to make a tax setup that has the proper tax amounts for each province (which will apply to all items) but also have any Book items reflect the 'Point of Sale Rebate on Books' offered by participating provinces (no PST on books). can I make one tax rule that I can apply to my book items? I tried this setup and it worked fine for all items but the books. On the books I applied this special tax rule I wrote, but the total after tax is the same as without tax (no increase). Please help.
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