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Web Api Vs Remote Mysql Access


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Hello, very new to presta but not new to programming.


Considering using presta for a new project, part of which would include a desktop app that would handle some of the back office features (primarily managing the products catalog).


This is required as it will need to interface with an ancient proprietary database system that does not like to release its data.


I am trying to decide whether to utilize the web api or connect directly with the database.


I appreciate this is hardly a common scenario, but if anyone has done similar or has good reasons to suggest one over the other, please let me know.


This is a functionality rather than security question, if i do go with remote sql access, it will be ip locked and the software installed on a secure inhouse computer

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Thanks for replying, i took a quick look at the docs for the web api, and it does seem the simpler option, it also seems like a more logical separation of concerns.


My main concern would be speed, but i guess i should just test it out.


The other more hacky option would be a sql table export > modify locally > import scenario, but i can forsee headaches with that!

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