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Add Custom Price To Cart


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Hi all, I've found not much information in the forum, neither in the dev.gide, hope someboby can help me understanding prestashop's cart structure.


I'm using latest 1.5 version with default template.

I've modified product template to add some text fields where user can enter free numbers

Based on those numbers, javascript generates a custom price.


Then, it updates our_price_display span to show this newly generated price and that's the end of this part :-/


Now I need to use that price when user adds to cart, but I don't know how to override a product price with my custom one in the shopping cart.


What information is stored in prestashop's shopping cart? which fields can I use?

Any experiences with on-the-fly generated prices?


Have no problem coding php/js, but don't know enouth prestashop structure :-(

Thanks very much.

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