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  1. I hope I am setting this up correctly. In my shop each product has its own product ID so we have no need to use combinations. However, I want to implement the Layered Navigation module - from my understanding I have to apply attributes to my products in order for the filter to pick it up - so I have created the attributes and values and set them up on my products as combinations. The layered navigation is working fine, but now on my prodcut pages, those attributes are displayed, and I really don't want them there. Is there anyway I can use the Layered Navigation menu without having the attributes displayed on the product page?
  2. Thank you very much. Not having the carrier displayed on the invoice was a very big problem for me. Thanks again
  3. I have just purchased a theme from the Addons store - it is by Monster.com. However, there is a zipped file and I can't find the password. The instructions say that it is the "Transaction ID Number" of my purchase, but on the invoice I have tried all three numbers - none of them say Transaction ID, but none of them let me in. Has anyone bought a monster template through the addons store and remember where they found there password to the files? I have contacted both Monster and Prestashop Addons... still waiting for a response.
  4. How did you get on with this - I am looking to do something similar, I would appreciate any help!
  5. I must say - I am so impressed with this module Many thanks to the developer - I have had it running for about 4 weeks on prestashop and I just upgraded Yotpo to 1.2.3 to solve the shipping issue and it worked perfectly. Very pleased - once again thanks
  6. Thank you so much - it worked perfectly on I followed the code from the blog the OP posted Thanks
  7. Hi All Does anyone know or how can I find out what tables are updated when I do the following please - 1 - create a new customer 2 - place an order as an existing customer i have a lot of orders that i can export to a csv and i am looking to very quickly dump them into a database - i appreciate that i would have to tweek the csv or ceate multiple files to dump them into the db tables, but it would be quicker than spending 1/2 hours manually adding them!!! I am using prestashop 1.4
  8. Hi all I would like to modify my invoice to include the product id to the left of the description. I have found the pdf.php file and I know I have to modify the code in there, but I am not sure where to modify it and what snippet of code I need to add. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. This seems like just what I need, but when I install it in it is visible in the Modules under Front Office Features, but when I click to configure it, it takes me to page cannot be displayed. Any suggestions?
  10. Thanks for this I did the same thing, I thought I was going to cry! I uploaded my .htaccess file and perfect, back to normal. You may have solved it yourself, but I am sure you have helped more people than just me - so thanks for posting your resolution!
  11. Hi I really dont understand the logic, but I did find this thread http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/86398-attributes-using-wrong-pricing/page__p__82940__hl__%2Bcombinations+%2Bimpact+%2Bprice__fromsearch__1?do=findComment&comment=82940 The solution that Dasher3000 posted at the end of the thread worked for me. Good luck!
  12. Hi all - I am having the same problem described here. I wanted to try with the files that Repitol uploaded, but for some reason I cannot download the .js file. Does anyone know where I can find it please
  13. Hi I was trying to implement your modifications but as I have changed the frontcontroller and product.tpl - it is difficult to know where to modify the files. Can you please let me know what lines of code come before those modifications
  14. Hi. I also just noticed that when I click on an image it opens in a new window. Any suggestions on how to solve this would be much appreciated
  15. Thanks for this, just what I was looking for - very simple and meets my needs for now. Have to learn how to actually modify a whole module , but for now this will do.
  16. I am so very thankful that I found this thread! It worked like a charm. I just wanted to change the column widths on the index page!
  17. You marked this as solved, can you please post how you soved it. I am having the same problem. Many thanks
  18. I too am wondering about this. I am working on a fresh install of 1.4, and want to import my database from 1.3.1 - I am not keen on an upgrade, it was my first ship attempt and a lot of the code - I mangled and botched my way though to get the shop up and running! So now with this fresh install of 1.4, can I import my 1.3.1 customers, products etc?
  19. I went with ferskas answer and for me it worked perfectly, but yes, i agree - you do need to ensure you have forced compile in the back office under preferences/performace.
  20. Hi All. I have integrated the third party Mals shopping cart module into my presta shop. However when a customer make a purchase, it does not register as an order, and they do not receive the standard emails from Prestashop. If the customers choose to pay by Paypal and not the mal module they receive all of the emails. Has anyone using the mals module and have you experienced similar problems? www.stylishlacewigs.co.uk
  21. That sounds great. I was thinking along those lines also, good idea to use the category ID. Will take a look through product-list.tpl and see what I can modify
  22. I have two main items in my shop 1) wigs and 2) products. I would like to display different product list pages for the different items. so, to explain a little better, on the page with the wigs, I don't want to display the price whereas the pages that disolay the products the price should be shown. Does that make sense? Would be glad of your help, not sure where to start"
  23. Oh - I should have searched for an answer first. This has already been answered here:- http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/78759/general_discussion/how_to_move_right_block_to_left_who_knows
  24. Hi All I wanted to know if it is possible to move the posistions of the blocks. For example the registration block appears on at the bottom on the left, but I would like it to be placed on the right at the top. Is this possible?
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