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Category Thumbnail And Head Large Images Display Problem

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Good afternoon


I visited several posts related to the issue of assigning images to categories and it seems that I do something wrong or does not work for what I need to do.


I expose my problem:


I have eight main categories and subcategories which come within each sub-category, products directly, thus leaving the structure:


Category> Sub-Category> Products


Well all I need to do is display a 760x200 image in the sub-category, but in the list of sub-categories miniatures another photo display of 58x58, can understand that as an image resized from 760x200 to mode "header" is not properly resized to 58x58.


I was messing with Mapper images:


1> Put a name in "Name of image map"

2> Categories "Select the subcategory"

3> Image to map: "Select the image of 760x200px" (I understand that this is supposedly displayed once you access the sub-category.

4> Gallery alternative image: "Select the thumbnail to 58x58px"


Well not doing this directly display an image or the list of sub-categories and once within the sub-category.


And if I do this with an image in the subcategory options, only shows a thumbnail pro not great once you access the subcategory.


I hope someone can help me with this issue



URL: http://www.almaugourmet.com/index.php?id_category=17&controller=category&id_lang=4


Many Thanks

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If I understand your question correctly, your want your main category image to be 760x200

This is usually applied in image preferences under category_default.


If you do this, the 58x58 thumbnail resizes the category image so it is unreadable correct?


This also happened to me and the only solution I could come up with was to manually override the the 58x58 image with a secondary image like what you have here: http://<img src="http://www.almaugourmet.com/img/c/17-medium_dm.jpg" alt="" width="" height="">


Once you have set the category default to 760x200 and uploaded the image for that category, you then have to pull the image from above (c/17-medium_dm.jpg) from the server, place your own image into it, save as the same file name, then upload back to the same folder and override the image that Prestshop generated.


Here is an example of the end result that I had to do with my shop


The thumbnail image for the subcategory is different than the larger category image. (click on luxury duvet/bedding to see the full category image)


I someone has a better way of doing this, I'd like to hear it. Bill Dalton was kind enough to show me this way of doing it. The only problem with this method is if you ever regenerate thumbnails, it will default to the old image and you will have to do the override process again.


Hope this helps.

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