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Module link problem

José Fernández

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Hi there,


I have developed an example module as detailed here: http://doc.prestasho...estaShop+module


Everything works fine until I create the mymodule_page.php wich seems to be no indexed. When I click in the "Click here!" link in the front end, it drives me to a 404 page. It doesn't matter what the content of the file is, prestashop doesn't find the mymodule_page.php page.


When I change the file extension (i.e. test.html instead of mymodule_page.php) and I change the "href" attribute in the mymodule.tpl pointing to "test.html", everything works fine.


Hope everything is clear. Sorry if this is a newbie question. :-)

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Does it work if you change test.html into test.php?


(also double check you used the same CapiTAlisatiOn of your file name and reference to it. Should be all small letters. I expect you did already, though...).


If you hover over the Click me link, is the link URL really pointing to the location of the real file?

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