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quick question on dynamic hooks


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i want to have a hook which listens to an address update or insertion but in the documentation i can not seem to find any which does just that! but i did however find in the documentation something like this:

  • actionObjectAddBefore
  • actionObjectObjectNameAddBefore
  • actionObjectAddAfter
  • actionObjectObjectNameAddAfter
  • actionObjectUpdateBefore
  • actionObjectObjectNameUpdateBefore
  • actionObjectUpdateAfter
  • actionObjectObjectNameUpdateAfter
  • actionObjectDeleteBefore
  • actionObjectObjectNameDeleteBefore
  • actionObjectDeleteAfter
  • actionObjectObjectNameDeleteAfter



but how do i use these in my code? how can i create hooks for this?

i don't really understand it...


thank you in advance


btw, i am using version

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wow that actually worked, thanks a lot but now i have come to a different problem related to the module i made with this hook, the module basically just edits a value in the database to put each address in a corresponding country without the user being aware of this.

but now everytime i select a new address, the website copies the cart over to the new address but also remembers (and shows) the products which were on the old address... but when i refresh the page, all is good again untill i try to change the address again... i have screenshots attached so you can see... if anyone wishes to see the website, just ask and i'll open it up for you...


on a side note, in my preferences i have multi shipping turned off... i have never allowed it so...



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