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  1. Hi, read this for creating new hooks. http://www.programmingtunes.com/creating-new-prestashop-hook/ thanks
  2. Hi, First can you please tell me where in the prestashop installation your script is placed? Second normally we dont need to include the specific classes in our scripts in Prestashop. We just include two files config/config.inc.php and init.php After that when you create an object of a class, it is loaded automatically. In your script remove all included classes, and include only the two files mentioned above, and then try. Hope it helps. Thanks
  3. Is this warning appear for all modules? Can you please be more specific? Thanks
  4. Hi Bodyles, The way i explained above is working fine. My wishlist was not working at category pages because of cookies, which when i cleared out, it worked fine. So use the above methode. Also about your sayings " However, the module identifies the products by the id_combination id which is not defined for individual products in product-list.tpl " It is not true. The wishlist module takes the combination id, if there is one, then it takes, else it will not take and will use 0 instead. Thank you
  5. HI Bodyles, Yes it is possible to generate the correct id_combination (or the selected ones) at category pages. I am not exactly sure if it is possible without overloading the Category class or not, but Do the following steps. 1) Override the Category class and create your own getProducts function. Call the parent::getProducts with all the appropriate parameters in the overloaded getProducts. This will return you the list of the products. 2) Now create a for loop and get combinations for all the products one by one and add them to the product list. You have to generate a sub array in the products array for each product like $products['attributes'] = [attributes array or data you got as explained above] 3) Now you have combinations in the products list and in product-list.tpl, you can check and display all combinations. If you dont want to display combinations, then you can create a hidden field and give it an id /name like combination_{product_id} . Keep its value the value of the combination for that product. The {product_id} in the id/name of the hidden field will help you to get combination id for a specific product (for product for which the add to wish list button is clicked). 4) Now the add to wishlist button has on click event like onclick="WishlistCart('wishlist_block_list', 'add', '{$id_product|intval}', $('#idCombination').val(), document.getElementById('quantity_wanted').value); return false;" {$id_product|intval} = You can get it already in the product-list.tpl $('#idCombination').val() = As explained above document.getElementById('quantity_wanted').value = Keep qty one by default, or what ever value you want. And thats it. I am also working on displaying the the add to wishlist button on category pages, and I did, the image flows to the wishlist modle, but it is not adding it to the wishlist. I dont know why, but if you got it worked, then please let me know. I hope my details will help. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you
  6. 1.3.x is using old smarty version 2, while prestashop is using latest smarty versin 3. Your 1.3 theme will be not running fine on prestashop 1.5, You should not use a direct update to 1.5. First you should update to 1.3.x latest version, and check the whole site. After you should update to 1.4.x latest version and check the whole things. Please note that 1.4.x have support for both smarty 2 and smarty 3. Onward from 1.4 update, you should update your template to the prestashop 1.5 . Thank you
  7. I have the same issue but only on my live server. On my local server it is working fine. I dont know what is the issue. My img folders and other folders permissions are all set to 777. Anyone can help please?
  8. Hello All, I am using Prestashop for a site. I have wrote a script to import the customers and addresses to the site and it is done well. During that time i did used validation for data. Now when an old customer place an order or retrieves password, he got an email like Hello {first_name} {last_name} Means that the data to be passed to the email templates are not passed to it and user gets emails with any related data. For new customers it is fine and all emails are working nicely. While checking all things i placed my email in the To section of the Mail.php class and i was also getting fine emails. At last i started to place prestashop validation on email addresses in the sending emails section. What i got is that the email for old customers took from the database are not valid emails . Also i got that the first name is also invalid . It is very weird and spent about two weeks to fix this issue. Please help me with this problem. I will be very thankful. Thank you
  9. Hello, Yes there is a possibility for it, but it will need some changes in the system. According to your details shop1 will be showing Fish, so lets cosidner shop 1 is your default shop and it is using theme 1. Now you need shop2 to show only fruits category products with a different theme, so install your prestashop on a different domain on the same server, after that modify your settings.inc.php file and change the theme name _THEME_NAME_ to your desinred theme names say theme 2, and similarly follow the same steps for shop 3. Please note that all three shops will be on same server but can be on same domain with sub folders or all of theme will be on different domains. Also all these sites will be using same database. Now here some problems will arise mainly 1) How to set the base urls of the different shops because prestashop is storing shop url in database? 2) How to take only the desired categories from the default shop? These two main problems will need changes in the system and will be very complex and buggy. May be the above theory will help. Thank you
  10. Hello fellows, I have built a module which provide the capability at your prestashop shop store to enter a product custom size on the product page and get the custom price on the fly. The price per unit of size can be entered at admin for each product. This module has the following main features. 1) Set global size unit (mm, cm, inches etc ) at admin 2) Set price per unit (or per square unit or any other criteria) for each product at admin. 3) Taxes can be applied to the price 4) Fields at front end at product page (default are three field and can be increased on request with some cost). Customer enter the sizes in that fields and get the price for that sizes of that product on the fly by Ajax. 5) Complete cart integration and user can see the custom sizes data in cart like product attributes. 6) Complete PDF invoice integration, order history detail page integration, and order confirmation integration. 7) Admin will be able to see the custom sizes at admin in the order detail. The default module will be having the following features: 1) Maximum of 3 custom fields and can be increased on request. 2) A basic formula for the price to be calculated. This formula will be same for all products. A sample formula may be like ( 2 x width x height ). This formula will be modified by us during module installation. 3) Module installation at your site. This feature can't be implemented like normal prestashop module, therefore it requires some core changes in the core files, which we handle and install the module at your site. 4) Like time support for the module. Any bug/issue/problem in our module , we will be fixing it. 5) Module is available for Prestashop v 1.3.x and 1.4.x . If any one need this module, send me a PM, and we will be back to you for your questions. Demo can be only provided on request. Thank you
  11. Hello All, I have added a new class to classes folder. File name is Postal.php and class is PostalCore which is extended from ObjectModel . This class is working fine at admin side, but when i use it at front end like PostalCore::checkPostalAvailability($postcode) This code is from authcontroller. Then it gives me the message "Fatal error" . Note that this error occurs when i include class at just above it like include './classes/Postal.php'; If i dont include the class like above then i get php error "Fatal error: Class 'PostalCore' not found in H:\wamp\www\freshdirect\controllers\AuthController.php on line 65" . I dont understand what is the issue. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you
  12. Hi, Can you please check with files permissions 777? Thanks
  13. May be you will need some customization in your site for do this. Not sure exactly but may be.
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