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Removing "Save" button from cart (PS 1.4)


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I search on web and don't find any answer. How to remove "Save" button from cart?



I create new order-opc-new-account.tpl file with few tabs, that allows log in, do quick and simple order (for lazy customers, who don't want fill in lot of fields and for users, who want to register in shop).


Problem with fields was succesfully resolved and I removed extra fields (I want to leave only customer name, phone, and additional info), but I don't understand how to remove this button.


I think it must be configured in js/order-opc.js or in some way this functionality of "save" button must be added to payment buttons.


If someone resolved this problem, please tell me how do you did this.

Thank you!

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If you remove this button, how do you want to send the user field-values of name/phone/additional data back to the server to store the values into the database?

This button "submits" the fields to the server, using POST


The button is somewhere defined, like: <input type="submit" name="button_name" value="'.$this->l('Save').'" class="button" />

When it is clicked on, It will POST the field values back to the server, where you can then store it in the database.


So before you delete this button, you have to decide how to return those values to the server...

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