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Hi to everyone!

I just red the White paper related to the SEO optimization of a ecommerce site...

It was very interesting but now I have a big question!

In the SOE section of product, categories, etc.. pages it is possible to edit the meta data: title, description, keywords...

Ok, but how can I edit the h1, h2 and h3 tags? Using the pagerank add-on of my browser I see the Prestashop automatically sets as h1 the product name and as h2 "send to a friend" and something else.

This is totally wrong!!!!


Could someone kindly explain me how can I edit all the h tags (also for the homepage) in PS? Do I am really obliged to modify them directly in the code for each related file in the root??


I think it is an interesting topic, I did no find an answer to this question neither in PS forum nor in the web... I hope it is not a stupid question.



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If you wish to change the module headers, for example "Send to a friend" then yes, you have to modify the TPL files. Also remember to modifity the CSS files, so the font-style is not lost.


Remember that you can open all the tpl files in a program such as notepad++, and then search / search+replace all the files with with a few clicks.

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I don't want to change the headers, my purpose is to set the h1 and h2 tags of the pages of my site.

For eg. if a page is selling a chocolate bar called Pimpy. The H1 should be Pimpy or chocolate, the H2 Pimpy, chocolate, bar, chocolate bar....

My question is how to set this tags. I can set the meta data from the backoffice in the SEO section of every product page, but there isn't a section for the H tags, therefore on the frontoffice if I open the page of the Pimpy chocolate bar and check the pagerank the h tags of this page, I see "send to friend" , the title of the page, and so on... it is complitely wrong!


Pls help me!! :(

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On 12/12/2023 at 3:00 PM, nadirpestmaster.com said:

the Seo Tools tell me that I have 2 H1 tags,

No reason to fear a ranking issue with several H1 tags. There are about 400 different ones so text formation is not something to worry too much.

Take your URL off the thread as it will come up then someone looks for the domain.

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