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Can Prestashop work with a Shared SSL?


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Can anyone give a definitive answer on whether or not Prestashop can work with a Shared SSL, or whether it is worth the hassle to try and setup?


I have read lots of posts saying it both can and cannot!


I am trying to implement a Shared SSL on my store and cannot get it to work correctly. My site is www.test25.net and the secure version (Shared SSL) is at https://www.secure-ssl-servers.us/test25-net


The site works fine on http: but on the secure pages at https: no styling is getting applied. When I check the code the base dir is getting set to "baseDir = 'https://secure-ssl-servers.us/';" so because of this the paths to the stylesheets etc. are not relevant.


Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?

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Got some answers to this here - http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/96513-lets-work-on-shared-ssl-solution/page__pid__1022582__st__20?do=findComment&comment=1022582


It seems that Prestashop can only work with shared ssl if you enable ssl for the entire site, which is not great as it slows the entire site down. That changes your domain name to the secure domain name also for the entire site. So instead of www.domain.com you have www.secure-name.domain.com. This may actually put some customers off if they don't just see your domain, and could probably even affect search rankings.


I think the best way forward is to just purchase a dedicated ssl, at least for now anyway, until PS come up with a way to use shared ssl in the future.


Hope this helps others.

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Not in Ireland you can't, they usually cost about €100 per year.


I'm sure I can source one for cheaper over the web though, but it's just much easier to use your current hosting company to purchase one from as they do all of the server setup etc.


Cheers though...

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You can get one from name cheap for 7 euro. http://www.namecheap.com/ssl-certificates/comodo.aspx They are pretty simple to install if you are on cpanel hosting all you do is generate a csr and then download your certificate. Mostly likely your host will have to install it, so you just email it to them and ask them to install it. To save 90 euro it might be worth a try.

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