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  1. Is my website hacked

    Its not hacked, those files are supposed to be there. the error you are seeing is because your nginx timeout is too low and the site is not loading before nginx times out.
  2. Yotpo stopped supporting PrestaShop midway through last year. There are no plans for a 1.7 version of the module as far as I know.
  3. Long loadingtime of webshop

    The issue is you are trying to load too many images. You are displaying too many products on the home page, each product also loads the other images for that products, soon you have several hundred images loaded.
  4. Google analytics

    Likely they are running an adblock that blocks GA.
  5. From what I understand from reading a thread the other day it was pulled because he broke the terms of service on theme forest by working on a site in a sanctioned country.
  6. Is Prestashop some kind of practical joke?

    Sorry, I responded to the wrong thread. But no, I am not going to get off it. You are sitting her blaming the user and not accepting there may be a bug. You apparently have no clue what you are talking about again. The issue was 100% inside PrestaShop's paypal module. I tried to make a merge to fix both and mentioned both in the PrestaShop Gitter. The issue he is having is with the default EU module it looks like. The module is only sending one address over, the invoice address, even if there is a different shipping address. This is a failure on the module's part and PrestaShop's part for not enforcing better testing on partner modules. This module carries all of the things you mentioned earlier, being an official partner, ect. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/1748-paypal-official.html This has nothing to do with the API at all unless you want the api to some how magically know that the module is not sending the right address over and to make up another address. With this issue the address cannot be changed effectively on the paypal API and it should not be. If that was allowed people could proceed with their orders off the PrestaShop site to free shipping zones, then at paypal change the address to a more costly shipping zone. This is what exactly is happening with his orders. The invoice address has a cheaper shipping zone than the shipping address, once it is re-entered in paypal it is wanting to re-update the shipping cost, but cannot at that stage, then it is failing on the webhook back to PrestaShop because it looks like the order data has been tampered with in transit. 100% an issue in the module and if it was open source I could go to the repo, point out the line and push a patch. Don't blame the user, the software has bugs. Investigate the bugs and try to give solutions or something to help with. The whole point of this forum is 3 fold; Being nice to the users and treating them with respect Listening to their issues and trying to help come up with solutions Leave advice in these threads so when people look back they can get an answer Currently I see a bunch of replies where you are arguing semantics with someone that is trying to run a business and is frustrated. This is not how a successful community is run. As for OP the best advice I can give now is to uninstall the Paypal module and to download the paypal worldwide module from dh42.com. This is an older version of the paypal module before this bug was introduced. Some of the features might not work correctly because we only patched so much, but the paypal standard in the module is pretty stable. Again, I will mention the fact that there is no repo. It would be easier for me to just point the user to a repo, say download this version of the module, it is before the bug was introduced, but there is not an option for that. and @selectshop be nice to these people. This is the busiest time of year for most shops, having a payment gateway that is an official module broken is stressful.
  7. Oh, I did misunderstand the issue he was having. No, the issue is not with paypal, it is with the module. When a user changes the delivery address on paypal it throws a monkey wrench in the whole system. To give the best possible outcome the root of the issue needs to be fixed with the paypal module sending the address over. But there is still an open door if they change it in the paypal flow, which happens less often. Sadly for every paypal module there is not a maintained repository that is public, so no developer can look at the issue make a pull request and fix it community wide.
  8. Is Prestashop some kind of practical joke?

    This is asine. I had a very similar issue to this with you earlier this year and you blamed the software, but now you will not blame it. This is the softwares problem because everything should be ajaxified and then requests would not time out because of execution. Make up your mind and be consistent. The paypal issue is a tricky one that you are not going to like the answer. See that method of Paypal you are using is using what is called the express checkout. Sadly this has never worked. I did make some pull requests along with Bellini a couple years ago to try to fix it. But the issue is it needs a total logic rewrite for the express checkout so it does not trip up and can refigure shipping if you choose to not use the paypal address as the shipping address. As far as I know this has never worked correctly and been production stable. We have tried to fix it completely over the years, but we haven't found a client with the budget to give it a fix it really needs.
  9. Is Prestashop some kind of practical joke?

    Oh come on. Go to Prestashop.com. How are people supposed to know that 1.7 is not stable? Everything pushes you to use it. Its been out for a year. Like I have mentioned to everyone at PrestaShop I do not contribute to the forge anymore. None of the long time developers contribute to the forge. They stopped fixing issues, I stopped reporting. See how many open reports I have, http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-3887?filter=-2&jql=reporter in (currentUser()) order by created DESC And no on your api connections. You flat out do not know what you are talking about. Facebook comments are added through an async javascript call. The whole point of adding them this way is because they will not block the download / render of the pages. You cannot compare that to php that will stop execution if an api does not load. Well, I mean you can, you just did. But people will know you don't know what you are talking about.
  10. Is Prestashop some kind of practical joke?

    Do you see how your attitude and ndiaga's attitude turns people off? A guy comes to vent about problems he is having, both of you push the blame back to him. This is not how we as a platform win customers. We listen to problems, we offer solutions. We don't blame users for not knowing every line of code in a platform.
  11. Is Prestashop some kind of practical joke?

    @selectshop how are users supposed to know this? I do not know if you are aware or not, but this module comes with every version of PrestaShop since 1.5. It is written so if the api call fails, the back office drags waiting on the return. This module comes installed in every shop. Its not some 3rd party module. Here, this is it on the github, https://github.com/PrestaShop/gamification 1.6 is not stable today as it comes with this module that I have 9 calls and 13 tickets about.
  12. Is Prestashop some kind of practical joke?

    This is silly. If he was having a problem this morning it is likely because the Gamification API keeps going down and grinds the back office to a halt. How is that something he is doing wrong?
  13. I totally agree for Webkul warning for this scenario, but think about another scenario (for future proofing). You are a user that posts a thread (even for a specific module) asking for help due to an error etc. Another user responds asking for "competitors" solutions. In that case would it be legal for me to post my module in your own thread after the 3rd person post or I have to open a new one - no matter what - and try to get in touch with this 3rd member via pm?

  14. I think I mentioned to the first guy, Stephane, it was in our terms and conditions on our site. It was just something I was exploring, it did not work. In all over the week and a half it was live we made an astounding $7.20. We had it in 4 modules to test it out and they have all since been rebuilt and replaced, so if you download the module again it will be a clean version. You will need to delete the module in the back of your shop first, because the module installation will not unhook / delete the added files automatically as per how prestashop module updates work.
  15. Facebook pixel

    We give back with having the largest selection of free modules outside of the addons store, with the decline in PrestaShop we are exploring ways to be able to still produce free modules and making it worth our while. We were testing this method out on 5 of our modules to see if it would help fund the continued development of the modules. It does not look like it will, we will be removing it this week and likely taking down our modules as well.