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To show words after Price in Product listings

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May I know where do I need to amend to show text after the price?

I managed to do it in Product page but I can't figure out where to modify for Product Listings.


This is the website Product Listing page:



Need to show like what I have in Product Page:



the words are "each (exclu. GST)"


Thanks! Any help is appreciated.

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Thank you designhaus.


Actually, can I show the unit price without tax instead?

so that it shows $x.xx per pc


Like what is shown on this page:




$5.00 per pax


If can be, can you advise me where I can include this coding in the product list? :)

Thank you so much for your kind help.

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But some of the products are based on per pax and some per set.

So it will be great if I can display the "unit price without tax" instead, that is shown in the Admin module in each products.

I know that this is under "other_prices"


Any idea? :)

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