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How to change carrier description from within shipping module


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I am writing a customised shipping module for PrestaShop 1.5.


The module automatically switches between 4 different options and provides discounts to the consumer at certain price points. However, the module is simply called "Economy shipping" and the user is not given any more information than the name or the price.


I don't want to use the static text (shipping/carriers/edit) for more than just basic info. I would like to add another line (or lines) to explain the carrier selected and the discount applied.


Can this be done? Or am I looking in the wrong place?







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Hi Dan,



$carrier->delay = 'delivered by rocket for good price';


do the job ?


With a HOOK_BEFORECARRIER and modification of order-carrier.tpl, you could display your informations.




Hi math_php


Since i am a noob, can you explain to me how to do this please?


Many thanks



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Hi Dan,


In fact do you already have calculated shipping price in your module ?


If yes an override of getDeliveryOptionList from class cart could be a solution.


You will get an array of all carriers, with shipping prices, displayed name, id and so on.

You could then modify your carrier information depending on the display you want.


What sort of behaviour you want something like that :

0 - 400 pounds 'economic slow'

400-600 pounds 'economic fast'

more than 600 pound 'deluxe shipping'


Best regards

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Hi math_php


in my module i have:

public function getOrderShippingCost($params, $shipping_cost)
 if ($this->id_carrier <> (int)(Configuration::get('SHIPECO_CARRIER_ID'))) return false;

 global $cart;
 print_r ($carriers);


This code just gives me an out of memory error - I can't seem to get any info from getDeliveryOptionList(). I'm afraid I am really in the dark here!


Can you give me a piece of code that I can use to change just one line of the carrier description? I should be able to work other things out from there :-)




Thanks for your help so far!




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