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Can I have language by domain without using multishop

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Hello everybody:


Is it possible to have a language by domain without making two shops or without using the Multishop feature on prestashop 1.5?



I have read prestashop documentation and I found this:


"You can find yourself wanting to use the multistore feature, where in fact it is not necessary. For instance, if you want a multilingual shop, or if you need to use more than one currency, or if you would like to have a different graphic template for each category." ( I think this is my situation )


Also I use StoreManager for prestashop. And I am having problems importing products when multistore feature is activated.


There is a module for Prestashop 1.4 called "language by domain". How can I do something like this on 1.5.


I want to use my domains .com .es .fr, but i do not want to make two shops.


Any ideas?


Thank you

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After enabling multistore?


From what i read multistore is not what need.

First, this feature worked well in 1.4 with domainbylang.

Second, i want to have the exact same store, same prices,..., in both domains, only a different language.


If i choose to copy everything when creating a new store will the the new store use the same stock as the previous one from then on? Or will it just copy on that moment and them, when a client buy an item from one store it won't reduce the quantity in the other?


This is very confusing...

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localization-->localization-->choose the domain you are working with


then set the default language


I activated multi store. Then added a new domain to the existing store.

But when i go to localization->localization i don't have any option to choose the domain.


And when i choose the another language in front office, it sends me to the main domain, not even the one i was on before...

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I do some digging out of discussion but I have long search for the solution to have 1 domain per language without multi-shop and I found a module which is well worth discovering.

I just installed it on my web-ste www.outdoor-food.co.uk and it works for now: https://www.alabazweb.com/fr/modules-pour-le-front-office/348-langue-du-domaine.html

I hope it will help others ...

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