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SEO module by PrestaShop


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I am interested in buying the following plugin: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-prestashop-modules/175-backend-tools-seo.html


Do you know how much this module let me, the user, change the urls? For example, say I want to convert www.domain.com/content/cms-page.html to www.domain.com/cms-page.html, or www.domain.com/category/product.html to www.domain.com/product.html, would that be possible using this module?


I really would appreciate some answers.


Thanks in advance!

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I can tell you that this is a recommended module for SEO. However, there are always some fields that you should always customization. It can be a quick fix, but taking the time to go into your meta fields and customizing them will always product better results. If you have many products, then this is a good first step to get base SEO growth.

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It's not really the title, meta etc that interest me but I sure welcome that part as I suppose it would be easy to change everything just as I need it to be. I don't have a lot of products, at max I have maybe 50. It's mainly the url rewriting part I need badly as mentioned above. I wonder how much it allows me to change the urls.

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