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Hello...I have a question...I sell trading cards and my question is with the new panda and the product description. I understand unique content is great....but with trading cards...If I put the description of what the card does in the description or more info...will I get hit by panda as duplicate content...seeing all the other sites list the cards description as well?


I am not really sure how to go about this with all the new seo changes. I dont want to list 1000 single cards and find out I am hit with alot of dup content....but I dont know how else to describe each card except for what the card does...


If anyone has any knowledge on listing TCG cards...I could use some advice here for seo and description.



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There are occasions when it is difficult to avoid duplicate content and product descriptions is a classic example. Where possible, it would be a good idea to re-write as much of the description as possible. For sites that list hundreds or thousands of products, that can be a quite a task.

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