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  1. Hello Andreea, sorry about the late reply, I was on holidays. In the end,we had to resort to several measures, including using Sucuri, as well as changing hosting company, as the hackers were most likely to infect our VPS installation and the hosting company did not manage to solve this. Luckily no vital files were compromised, but they abused our server to send spam. In the end, using Sucuri was what fixed our issues for good. It's 300 Euros per year, and saves lots of headache! Kind regards, Daniel
  2. No, but what did fix the issue for me was to purge the cache, and make sure that the index files are there. Sometimes when purging the cache, the index files also go missing, causing major slow-down. If you look in your system status in BO, it will report if files are missing, check that. If yes, simply download Prestashop to your computer, and re-upload the missing files to the correct folders. NOTE: I am not sure if you need to pay attention to the PS version, but to play it safe, I would recommend downloading and using the same PS version as on your website. Hope this helps.
  3. Bonjour, pas une vraie solution, mais un moyen de contourner le problème, c'est le module Page Cache, qui compile la page au premier accès et sert la version "cache" au visiteurs subséquents - j'ai réduit mon TTFB de 7-8 secondes à 800ms en l'utilisant.
  4. It looks like TinyMCE is not loading correctly. I had a similar error in the past, the product page would not load completely, which caused problems saving products. Have you tried clearing your browser cache and forcing a reload of your BO pages?
  5. Searched on Forge and Forum for the fix, the only results I found was to manually re-upload the missing file. Can you let me know which fix you applied?
  6. I actually do. But the bug, I did not notice right away. By the time I noticed, reverting back would have meant weeks worth of lost work.
  7. I see, that makes more sense now. If you open the changelog for both this and the prior versions are empty, as if there had been no changes made in .8 and .9 - that surprised me. I didn't think of checking the changelog for directly So basically, this is an issue that affects BO mostly, and only if you use Chrome? The reason I was curious is because upgrading to - in my case - reintroduced an old bug, the one where clearing the cache in BO would delete the smarty compile index file, forcing me to re-upload it every time.
  8. Hello, does anyone knwo what was changed in the latest version of Prestashop? The changelog is empty for the two latest releases. So I am wondering. Kind regards, Dan
  9. J'ai le même problème quand le développeur essaye d'installer le module Page Cache. Existe-t-il une solution?
  10. Thanks for your input. I am currently on A2, on one of their shared Prestashop plans, and actually, my website is slow too. The main problem is slow SQL queries in the Warehouse theme, which is most likely caused by a lack of horsepower. So I was hoping to maybe find a better alternative, but from your account, it doesn't sound like TMD is better, actually.
  11. Hello, TMD hosting is listed as one of the official hosting partners of Prestashop, and their offering sounds almost too good to be true, especially at that price level. So my question is, has anyone used it, and what is your opinion? Good or bad experiences? Thanks in advance! Dan
  12. Ca me fait uniquement ca quand je passe mon site en template default. Actuellement j'ai Warehouse theme activé, qui bizarrement ne fait pas cette erreur. Ou du moins, debug ne l'affiche pas. J'ai seulement remarqué en fait parce que je suis temporairement repassé en default template à la recherche de la source de lenteur de mon initContent / display, c'est là que j'ai vu. Je vais essayer de basculer le site en dafeult template à nouveau plus tard, et je vais poster l'intégralité du message d'erreur ici. Mon host parcontre est formel, pas de soucis de privileges au niveau de lútilisateur DB. Merci encore pour l'aide, très appréciée.
  13. Merci d'avoir répondu si vite. Oui, et selon mon hébergeur (A2) tout est en ordre au niveau des privilèges. Y a-t-il d'autres détais que je pourrais éventuellement leur fournir, pour être sû qu'ils ont bien regardé comme il faut? Oui y a-t-il un moyen de confirmer que les privileges sont comme il faut? Un fichier test ou autre moyens? J'ai aussi regardé sur Github, le bout de code qui devait corriger ce bug, il est bien présent dans mon installation.
  14. Bonjour, j'ai le même problème sur - et aucune idée comment résoudre le problème. Selon Bugtracker, c'est pas dans le code core, mais un module additionnel. Or j'en ai quasiment pas, et n'arrive pas à trouver lequel pourrait être coupable. Merci pour toute aide, ca fait des semaines que je désespère sur ce problème! Daniel
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