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404 error in google webmaster tools


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Hi all,

My site is using PS, when I check my account in google webmaster tools, is there about some hundred 404 errors, I read some articles on internet, that advised better redirect but not remove the links. But with prestashop the errors are made with not regular fox example

http://24hurt.eu/dodatki-do-domu/index.php http://24hurt.eu/hurtownia-odziezy-apaszki-szale-chusty/index.php http://24hurt.eu/3756-bluza-meska-nt108.html http://24hurt.eu/4165-bluzka-nadruk-3016-comeor.html

so on.

Please advise how I can fix them ? remove error url click by click or modify htacess file

Thank you.

PS: I attach here some screen captures.



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