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  1. But I can not find the module on your site... Can you please paste the link directly here?
  2. [FREE MODULE] minic slider for PS 1.5.+

    Thanks. Could you please give me a hint that "many CSS files" refer? I'm not very clear about the new version and bought the theme online...
  3. [FREE MODULE] minic slider for PS 1.5.+

    Hello, I am using the slide, but the effect can not be shown. http://hwa-viet.com/ please take a look at it. It only shows picture for me. Can you help? It also shows " Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/crirepor/public_html/cri2013/classes/controller/AdminController.php on line 974" when update the settings..
  4. from to Can you suggest how?
  5. I am using the latest one, can you help me testing? my address is : http://hwa-viet.com, you can use a test account: eileen720@gmail.com, password:123456. The problem is exactly this post describes... I have no solution yet.
  6. I have the exact same problem!.Can you help me to test? address: 2013.crireport.com
  7. Hello, I have the same problem with 1.5.6, did you fix it? Can you share your solution? Thanks in advance
  8. Hello, I have the same problem. Could you please tell me how to add the code? Thanks in advance.
  9. with several times of upgrading failed, I am wondering is there any way to newly install the prestashop but keep the products related and customer related information? I mean I don't want to lose these key information but I don't know which tables should be moved to the new database so that the products and customer information can be kept as the previous one. Is there anyone can help?
  10. Fatal error: allowed memory size

    Adding the codes to config.inc.php works for me. Thank you!
  11. [solved]Allowed memory exhausted

    I have the same problem. I host it on godaddy. Could you please tell how to solve the problem?
  12. I got the same problem. Is there any solution?
  13. The issue is : 1. Once a virtual product order is made, no emails containing product download links sent to the customer. Customer must go to the account to see the link. But payment confirmation mails work well. 2. I tried to add an order status using the template "product_download"in the orders tab. and set the order confirmed to this status. Product for download email is sent, but the link doesn't changes. It shows as followed: Thank you for your order from ***** You have {nbProducts} product(s) now available for download using the following link(s): {virtualProducts} finally, I find that the key problem is the host. I am using Godaddy. email settings must be changed to SMTP. and using Godaddy's SMTP.